Q1. Where do I download the launcher?

Our launcher can be acquired from either one of the four mirrors. Please notice that you only need to download one of them. You can also read the how-to guide from our forum.


Q2. My launcher is broken, what should I do?

We are constantly evolving, developing and reaching higher depths with our services. Sometimes it doesn't work out perfectly and might cause unnecessary issues to our players. If your launcher has any issues you can try and download the launcher repair package.


In order to use the repair package please follow these simple guidelines:


  1. Download launcher repair package;
  2. Delete the contents of your launchers (current) folder;
  3. Unextract the contents of Launcher_repair_package.rar to the folder from which you deleted the files previously;
  4. Double click on Launcher.exe;

Q3. Launchers typical issues and their fixes

  • Q3.1. Error: "The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error."
  • Possible fixes:
    1. Delete config.opt file from launchers folder;
    2. Follow Q2 (faq);


  • Q3.2.1. Error: START button is not working;
  • Q3.2.2. Error: An unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will be shut down immediately;
  • Q3.2.3. Error: "'localeinfo' File Not Found";
  • Possible fixes:
    1. Follow Q2 (faq);



Q1. Where do I download the game client?

In order to get the full experience of our addictive world of Rappelz you need to download our own game client installation package. Using any of our competitors game clients will cripple your gameplay. We only provide basic support when using a different client.


Q2. Game client typical issues and their fixes

  • Q2.1. Error: Game client has been updated via launcher, but updates are not taking effect (showing up) ingame.
  • Possible fixes:
    1. Close game client;
    2. Rename /Resource/ folder to /Resource_BAK/;
    3. Create a new folder named Resource

Q3. I have a game client from another server, can I use this one on yours?

  • No. We only support the use of our own game client.