General beehaviour misconduct severity will be solely decided by the staff member processing the incidence.

  • Hacking and bug exploiting - All TVG members are liable to report any hiccups and misconducts in our system to our "Bug reports & discussions" forum sections. Any members taking an advantage of said hiccups will be held responsible and punished accordingly;
  • Distrupting game system - It is strictly prohibited to distrupt the game system by placing an unnecessary load to it (spawning monsters etc);
  • Misleading information - Lying to or deliberately misleading a staff member will not be tolerated;
  • Real money trading - Purchasing items, accounts, services, etc. from 3rd party website or other players for real money is NOT allowed;
  • Kill stealing - The practice of obtaining credit for killing an enemy, when another player has put more effort into the kill is strictly prohibited. What is kill stealing?;
  • Body camping (PvP) - Waiting for players to revive on death to repeatedly kill them is prohibited;
  • Scamming - Using misleading information, tricking players or using any other method to scam or gain advantage over another player is not permitted;
  • Bad sportsmanship - One of TVG's main goal is a united community of gamers. To achieve that our players must respect good sportsmanship in any situation. Deliberately violating another players right to a good and enjoyable gameplay is not tolerated. What is sportsmanship?;
  • Unfair advantages - Players receiving unfair help (such as free items, help with quests etc) will be permanently blocked. Therefor players themselves must refuse such help. Receiving the following help, assistance or guidance from one of the staff members are considered as unfair advantages:
    • Receiving items that have not been earned in a fair manner;
    • Receiving buffs in that are overly powered;
    • Receiving any physical help with questing (eg. boss killing);
    • Receiving any physical help with killing monsters;
    • Any method to gain experience;
    • Any method to gain Challenge Marks;
    • Any method to gain Ruppees;